How do I prepare for my consultation? 
In order to fully assess the area of treatment we ask that you DO NOT shave the area for a couple of days.  
Your consultation will be an opportunity to ask any questions about the treatment and what to expect. We review your hair treatment goals and create a treatment plan customized for YOU.
How do I prepare for my laser hair removal treatment?
Don’t wax, thread, pluck, or bleach the treated areas for at least three weeks before your treatment date. 
Do shave the area to be treated the night before your appointment(s)- this allows for the laser to be direct to the hair follicles without individual hairs interfering. 
Don’t apply makeup, skin creams, or perfumes the day of your procedure- the areas being treated need to be clean and free of chemical products. 
Do avoid direct sunlight (as well as artificial tanning beds and tanning creams or sprays) for at least three weeks before treatment. 
How many treatments will I need? 
Results are unique to each individual. Typically, 6-12 treatments are recommended, but it may be more or less. 
How often do I need to come in?  
Hair grows in cycles, typically every four to six weeks depending on the body part and the individual.  
Does it hurt and what does it feel like? 
It is much more comfortable than waxing.  Each pulse lasts less than a second producing a slight tingling feeling. Many describe the sensation of the laser pulses as tiny rubber band snaps. Cooling technology is used to keep the skin nice and cool while being treated. 
Can I shave in between treatments? 
Yes, but avoid waxing, plucking, and bleaching treated areas. 
Is laser hair removal safe if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? 
There are no conclusive studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  It is recommended that you talk to your medical physician prior to proceeding.  
Can I have laser hair removal treatment over tattooed areas?
Unfortunately we cannot work over tattooed areas. 
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