Locally operated and female owned with over 12 years of experience that correlate to great results.
At Radiance Laser Cosmetics we want you to have a clean, comfortable, relaxing experience.
Enjoy yourself! 
Laser hair removal will leave your skin feeling smoother, looking younger and most importantly, healthy and hair free! 
Affordable services: allows you to pay as you go without requiring a purchase of a package. 
Special: Purchase any hair removal area and receive a second small area for free. 
Radiance Laser Cosmetics | Claimed 47 Yelp Reviews
Hilary L. | 06.26.2020 ★★★★★
I visited Josefina on the FIRST day that multnomah county entered phase I. The work her and her team put in to going above and beyond suggested COVID protocol was apparent...Josefina really REALLY is setting the example of how a business should reopen during this time. She always had a high level of sanitation, but she truly out did herself. As someone who works in infectious diseases, I felt confident leaving her studio that I had not encountered an increase in infection risk by going to my appointment. 
Danielle B. | 12.21.2018 ★★★★★
I previously had 10 treatments on multiple areas years ago with very little results. Josefina was very thorough at my consult about expected results. I did pretty much my whole body and couldn't more thrilled with the results! I have very sensitive skin and you could clearly see the pores on my legs and I would always get razor burn, in grown hairs, etc. I've had six treatments with her and all of my problems are gone!
Mad M. | 09.19.2017 ★★★★★
"Laser hair removal treats ingrown hairs. I wish that this could be more public knowledge. I am 24 and for the first time in my life i haven't dealt with ingrown hairs. Since my third treatment they just stopped coming."
Lindsay M. | 01.10.2020 ★★★★★
"I have to mention that it was pain free! I just put on headphones and relaxed for an hour while the service was done. I never expected laser to be such a mellow experience! She's also such a lovely and calming presence. She explained the science behind everything to me in detail and was always so warm and friendly."
Jaclyn H. | 07.15.2019 ★★★★★
I went in for a consultation and she said I'd be a great candidate. A lot of laser offices don't tell you the truth. However, she said I would have at least 70% reduction. BUT After 6 treatments I saw a HUGE reduction!!! 95% All I have left is a few hairs here and there. She's incredible. I was shocked at the results and love them!!!
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